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Extreme: Yogic Peaks and Passes of the Himalayas

The  remote backbone of the Himalayas, the Tibet-Nepal border contains the highest peaks on the planet. It is also the hiding place for  sacred places  deliberately blessed and kept hidden by enlightened masters who wanted to protect these sacred energies for future generations.  The  remoteness and difficulty in following these sacred pilgrimage routes, involving  snow covered high passes,  ensured  that only the most ardent Yogis ventured to attempt them.  One such route is Kyimuling, not undertaken for many years according to local villagers. This 30-day route close to some of the Himalayas highest peaks will be our goal.


This pilgrimage route was established and blessed by Padmasambhava, called "The Second Buddha" who brought Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century AD.  He blessed this area and route as a sacred doorway to enlightened consciousness. It is a remarkable area and test on many levels.


Date- May 1 to 30th

Cost $5,800


Here is some information on the area from Wikipedia:


There is a wonderful movie featuring the Tsum Valley here:


Join us for Adventures for enlightenment

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