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Join us for Adventures in Enlightenment

Tibet- Mt Kailash Pilgrimage to the World's Most Sacred Mountain

Journey to the Cosmic Powerhouse of the Planet


This journey to Mount Kailash is regarded by millions of people as the ultimate spiritual mountain pilgrimage.

5 different religions view Mount Kailash as the spiritual center of the universe, the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains and the Bon people all hold it in the highest reverence.  To go there is an opportunity to purify and expand consciousness to the highest level.
This imposing mountain rises from the high alpine grasslands of Western Tibet. Our route will follow the pilgrimage path around the base of the mountain over wild and remote passes and through inspiring high alpine valleys.
This pilgrimage to Mount Kailash includes travelling across the wild and scenic spaces of the Tibetan plateau, before beginning our sacred trek around the mountain. On the way to Kailash we stop at Manosorava lake, this beautiful holy place is the largest high altitude body of water in the world, and renowned for its healing properties. This whole experience is an extraordinary event in one’s life and not to be missed.

Program will take place in August 2025

 Final Dates and prices to be announced. 


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