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With over 45 years of leadership and coaching, Martyn has worked with some of the most influential figures in the fields of adventure, wealth, personal growth, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. He has been written up in Life Magazine, National Geographic, Mens Journal, Outside, Los Angeles Times, and thousands more...

Nobel Peace Prize winning, Dr Charlie Clements

Dr Adolf Ogi, Former President of Switzerland

Singer Dianna Ross

Sir Edmund Hillary, First person to climb Mt Everest

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, most popular saint on YouTube

Neil Armstong, first person to walk on the moon

Steve Fossett, billionaire, and holder of 110 world records

Harv Eker, President, Peak Potentials, #1 NY Times bestseller

Pat Morrow, first to climb highest peaks on continents 

Chris Griscom, spiritual teacher and author

Dr. Deborah Chance, researcher into Mind/Brain


”Martyn has such an enlightening presence, he radiates joy, bliss and compassion constantly. He has extraordinary energy and dedication, and I have seen hlm help hundreds of people to increased consciousness"

Dr. Deborah Chance, Educational consultant

“Martyn lives enlightenment, he has coached me to shift from intense pain of loss to an unbelievable freedom.
Tashi Powers, Publisher, Enlightening Times. 

"Martyn's high energy and wisdom is awesome, his coaching helped me immensely" 


Maureen Garrity, Senior Consultant, British Columbia, Canada


"Amazing leader, I would go anywhere with him, and have a wonderful safe time" 


Steve Fossett, entrepreneur, billionaire, world record holder of 116 records in five different sports.


'Gifted leader with huge spirital connection" 


Pat Morrow, first person in the world to climb the highest peak on each continent.


"Martyn's ability to create a  spiritual project and lead it to fruition is truly inspring" 


Dr Charlie Clements, Founding member of Nobel Peace Prize Winning Group.


"Martyn has a great spiritual presence and highly approachable style. He has wowed audiences alongside some of the world's greatest presenters" 


Harv Eker, Founder Peak Potentials, the fastest growing personal development group in North America


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