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Free! "Double your Bliss"

Have you ever wanted to have twice the happiness?



Most people experience just a few minutes of Bliss, (happiness without cause), a day


We will double your Bliss, your happiness without cause, in a month




First session is free


In our surveys the average  experience of Bliss, or happiness for no reason, is only about 5-10% of the day



We work with you one-on-one to help you "Double your Bliss"


Hundreds of success stories..


”Martyn has such an enlightening presence, he radiates joy, bliss and compassion constantly. He has extraordinary energy and dedication, and I have seen him help hundreds of people to increased consciousness"  Dr. Deborah Chance, Educational Consultant



We use the most modern and proven:

  • Powerful visualization techniques

  • Advanced sports psychology tools used by Olympic athletes

  • Fun and easy meditation tools

  • Enchanting musical tools

  • Dynamic journaling tools

  • The most advanced self-assessment methods

Ancient enlightenment secrets from different traditions

  • Sacred chants

  • Mystical revelations

  • Tantric secrets

  • Zen clarity

  • Sufi wisdom



​“Martyn lives enlightenment, he has coached me to shift from intense pain of loss to an unbelievable freedom.” Tashi Powers, Publisher, Enlightening Times. 






In the free session you will learn:

  • 3 areas in your life that are causing stress

  • 3 tools for changing these patterns to joy and love

  • 1 method for increasing calmness

  • 1 way to increase clarity

  • 1 formula for better health

  • 1 key to increase wealth


"Martyn has a great spiritual presence and highly approachable style. He has wowed groups with his alongside some of the world's greatest presenters" Harv Eker, Founder Peak Potentials, the fastest growing personal development group in North America


Double your Bliss also gives you:

  • Clarity on life purpose

  • Awareness of the issues that take you out of constant joy

  • Resolution of fears that bind you from full expression

  • Total freedom to live and be in all areas of life

  • New perspectives on relationships, wealth, and health

  • Expansion into unconditional love for all

 “Martyn's techniques really helped me increase my work performance and enjoyment for life” Dusan Beniky, Trainer of 6 Olympic Gold Medalists



Join me now in learning to live in constant joy, and happiness for no reason,
radiating fun, love and bliss 24 hours a day.
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