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Journeys that expand consciousness

Journeys: After leading expeditions to the most remote places on the planet and journeying ito the deepest realms of consciousness with Enlightened Masters, we pride ourselves in delivering the most extraordinary and adventurous Journeys to holy sites around the world. We are unique in being able to offer an unsurpassed joy and love of life, wisdom about holy sites, spiritual processes and uplifting experiences. 


Coaching: Our coaching focuses on your hightest potential as a human, which is to live an enlightening life of constant joy, bliss, creativity, energy and expansion. By-products of this coaching could be increases in wealth, health or relationships.


Martyn Williams  has led an extraordinary life.  He has 45 years experience leading  extreme expeditions including  climbs of Mt Everest, the North and South Poles, whitewater rafting, and meditation retreats around the world.

He has created global leadership projects for youth that inspired 65 million youth to participate. His accompanying prime time documentary was seen on national TV stations around the world. As a professional speaker he has spoken to audiences of over 100,000 people on all 7 continents.  Most recently he has spent 7 years as a monk studying  and teaching yoga and the enlightenment sciences to thousands of people, in India and around the world. Martyn is renowned for his  bliss, humour, energy and love of life.



"Amazing leader, I would go anywhere with him, and have a wonderful safe time" Steve Fossett, entrepreneur, billionaire, world record holder of 116 records in five different sports.


'Gifted leader with huge spirital connection" Pat Morrow, first person in the world to climb the highest peak on each continent.


"Martyn's ability to create a  spiritual project and lead it to fruition is truly inspring" Dr Charlie Clements, Founding member of Nobel Peace Prize Winning Group.


"Martyn has a great spiritual presence and highly approachable style. He has wowed audiences alongside some of the world's greatest presenters" Harv Eker, Founder Peak Potentials, the fastest growing personal development group in North America


Join us for Adventures in Enlightenment










Discover what Everest, extreme exploration and meditation all have to do with the "Meaning of Life" 

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Business Details


Enlightening Adventures is owned by "You Are Bliss Inc"


83 Redbluff Dr, Hurricane, Utah, 84737

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