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The Greatest Journey on the Planet!

Sacred Places + Sacred Intent + Sacred Energy = Extraordinary Experiences


Enlightening Adventures travels to the most intense spiritual sites on the planet to explore their remarkable spiritual and physical landscapes, and return transformed


  • Delight the Soul in Sacred Places

  • Relish the physical demands of the pilgrimage

  • Relax in the planets most beautiful locations

  • Learn from vibrant ancient traditions

  • Expand and transform through these experiences

  • Gain greater freedom, insight, peace, joy, and clarity

  • Melt in divine silence

  • Locations include: 

    • California Sierrra​

    • Kernville and Kern River

    • Rockies of Canada

    • Yukon Rivers, including the Yukon River, Firth River, Alsek River and Tatshenshini River

    • Ecuador, hiking the Quilota loop

    • Puerto Rico exploring

  • Private and special groups please contact us

Mystical Nepal

Tibet-Mount Kailash

Extreme- Yogic Himalayan

South West USA

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