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Enlightenment Boot Camp

I am your guide on this journey towards an enlightening life

Each day I give you a simple exercise that will shift your consciousness. When you complete the task I pay you!

I know that money can be a motivation to persist and succeed 


So let's use it to Increase Consciousness!

You pay $30 per month


You do one 5-20-minute task each day


I pay you $35 at the end of the month


Miss a task? Lose $1.

Daily the tasks come by email, and in the evening you report on your success.

Why Me?

50 years leading people to the extremes of the planet

Huge record of success


Harv Eker, Founder  Peak Potentials

"Martyn brings vast spiritual presence, I highly recommend his work"


Pat Morrow, First Person in the world to complete  Grand 'Slam 7 Summits

"My buddy Martyn radiates joy, bliss and Transformation. You too can benefit"


Dr. Deobrah Chance, Education Researcher

"Martyn has transformed many many lives with his work"

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