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Yoga teachers and Studios! Receive $500 for referals

Hi there,


My name is Martyn Williams, I am a yoga teacher and adventurer extraordinaire.


I want to offer you $500 for sharing with your clients and your Yoga studio the attached flyer for spiritual adventure tours I am leading to sacred places.


If any of your students sign up and attend the tour I will pay you $500.


This is the money, that I would normally spend on marketing via google adwords or other media.


This is a win- win for you and me.


You get $500 and great stories from a returning client about high spiritual adventures.


How do I know the client comes from your Yoga studio? I ask them, and let you know before the trip that a client is attending.


How do you know that I am going to pay you?The pics will be on Facebook and you can let me know if I have made an error. I don’t want the Karma of ripping you off so you can rest assured that this will be a win-win.


I am looking for only 10 clients and treat each one with great respect.I hope we can work together on this!


Please let me know if you like this idea and are putting up the poster, and if you think the idea sucks please also let me know,Thanks!



PS.About me:


Martyn Williams is an internationally known explorer and teacher of enlightenment sciences. He is the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the three extremes, Everest, the North and South Poles. He has created international youth empowerment projects that involved 60 million youth. He has taught enlightenment sciences to thousands of people worldwide. His work has been featured on major TV and media outlets worldwide. Martyn is renowned for his bliss, humour, energy and love of life. Read more at

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