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Another Enlightenment Workout!

I just helped a friend with some exercises to help him with what is going on in his life. These is what we came up with: He decided to look at them as working on "muscle groups".

of the "muscle groups" I'm focusing on building today are:

-Releasing expectations of others

-Loving myself for who I am

-Sharing my emotions freely

-Celebrating my authentic identity; celebrating the existence of others authentic identity


-"I enjoy following my path, and seeing others follow their own path"

[3x/day for 2 mins]

-"I accept where I'm at on my path, and accept where others are on theirs"

[3x/day for 2 mins]

-"I am the Divine, but I allow the variety of human emotions to flow through me in this human experience -- I re-live them to relieve them"

[3x/day for 2 mins]

"What I ‘feel’ - is not me, it's a happening that's inside me"

--> (Which story does it come from?..Our shifts can be gradual or seismic)

[3x/day for 2 mins]

-"I don't need to get rid of this.. This is what is now"

[When I am consciously aware of my emotions]

-"I express my emotions to someone daily"

[2-5 voice-messages/day to my friend who does not need to respond]

-"I allow my thought-patterns/cellular memory to be felt; I select big triggers and allow them to be felt "

[5min/evening -- feeling what I've located in my manipuraka chakra]

These are all preparing myself for the "in-game" situations of life; preparing my consciousness for the periodical, sudden shocks & challenges in my life..

In ANY moment I can choose to be blissful.. In ANY moment I can experience myself as eternal bliss..

I hope this helps you!

Take those first steps!

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