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Our favorite supplement

I have experimented with many different supplements over the years and I can say that I do find many of them helpful. An example is Vitamin C, which does appear to reduce any colds or flu bugs around me.

My most favorite is organic haritaki, which I find gives me great digestion and easy elimination of poo. When I take it, which is almost every day, I have a great easy bowel movement first thing in the morning. I feel super clean, not bloated and energetic.

I was so impressed by this herb that I decided to import it from India and sell it on a shopify store and on Amazon.

I have been selling it and taking it for 8 years now and have thousands of satisfied customers.

The main benefits reported by customers are as follows:

Digestive health: Easy bowel movements and reduction in bloating

More energy: More energy to engage in activities that one normally feels too tired to do.

Weight loss: it appears that when the food waste is eliminated instead of sitting in the guts, this can cause the body to use the food in healthy ways.

Improved brain function:  many users report overall memory increases, higher IQ, and overall sharpness of thinking.

Intuition improvement: increased intuition, third eye awakening, third eye scanning, remote viewing, 6th sense, healing powers, clairaudience and Clair vision, clairsentience all become available from taking haritaki



This is a link to the amazon pages to order the products available.


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